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Almost ready for refrigerant!

Hi folks, sorry it has taken me so long to post an update here.  Wow, where did the month go?  Well we finished the IBM/Vette rear door and the APC Rack Air Containment System (RACS) and have spent the last two weeks configuring and testing the IBM Integrated Solution.  This is our first integrated cooling/compute system in the Chill Off and it was exciting to get this test underway.  We expect to wrap with this test Monday and move to our 8 rack APC Hot Aisle Containment (HACS) solution immediately after.  This will be our last of the chilled water solutions before we move to refrigerant!I am still working the schedule details for the refrigerant tests but we will most likely start with the Sun Glacier product and then move to the Clustered Systems solution.  Stay tuned for updates on that!

Another test complete!

We continue to make great progress now that we've passed the major hurdles inherent in setting up a fully monitored data center environment, and fine tuning the accuracy.  We just completed our fourth test (IBM/Vette rear door) yesterday and are already quickly setting up the fifth solution; APC's Rack Air Containment System. (RACS).  If all goes well we will start testing that solution Tuesday, 9/8.

Third test completed!

I am very happy to announce that we successfully completed the third test in the lineup this past weekend; the Rittal LCP+ solution!  We spent the last two days quickly disconnecting the solution and moving our sensors over to the fourth solution from IBM/Vette Corp.  We had already pre-staged the Vette setup and transitioning over was fairly straightforward.  Today we are experiencing some unexpected issues with the IBM Blade Centers that were moved over and are diagnosing further.  If all goes well w

Moving quickly to the third test

We are moving quickly to our third test in the sequence (Rittal enclosed solution).  We had a water leak due to a loose fitting that caused a brief delay yesterday and today but the mechanical folks did a great job getting that resolved today!  The servers are racked and cabled and ready to go.  We will complete power and networking Monday and bake the solution in for half the day.  If all goes well we will start our official testing Tuesday.  More to come early next week...

Second Chill Off Test Completed!

I am very happy to announce that we finished our second test in the Chill Off project today!  The Knurr CoolLoop solution testing was successfully completed this evening.  We will be quickly moving to our third and fourth tests (Rittal and IBM/Vette) which have already been pre-staged in the test area.  We will be making the final mechanical/electrical connections and moving the IBM Blade Centers over Thursday.  We will verify the Rittal system is operational Friday and hope to get a bake in period that same day.  If all goes well we will be done with our third test

Ready to test Knurr CoolLoop

Hi folks, we're finally ready to test our second solution, the Knurr CoolLoop product!  It has taken some extra time getting the IBM Blade Centers configured, but we're finally there and ready to start a bake in period on the solution today.  We will then use the weekend and into early next week to run through the official test set points.  We have also pre-staged the third and fourth tests (Rittal and IBM/Vette) in the room and are ready to move servers over and complete the connections to those systems mid next week.  This will help expedite the process of moving to th

First test completed and gearing up for the second

Hi folks, we've been transitioning over to the second test (Knurr CoolLoop) for a little over two weeks now.  Our largest challenge has been the configuration of the IBM Blade Center servers that we're using to generate maximum load.  OS installs via a jumpstart server were proving problematic so we had to go with a manual DVD install for every single one of the 28 blades...  We got the last of those installed yesterday and are installing the test scripts today.  We expect to do a bake in period Monday and then official testing begins Tuesday.

Great news! First test completed!

I have great news folks!  We completed our first official test of the Knurr Cool Therm product yesterday!

Getting closer to an official first pass!

Good news!  We finally got the remaining meter issues resolved today and have performed a test of the entire system to ensure all components are working and proper data is being reported to the OSIsoft PI solution.  All looked good today from the metering standpoint!  However, we did not see the variability with the loads we expected.  We are investigating that and are hoping to resolve by tomorrow or Friday.  Once we get the workload generation operating properly we will begin collecting offi

Progress continues amidst challenges

Hi folks, we are continuing to make headway despite some challenges with the Chill Off test environment.  We spent the last week addressing some metering issues that cropped up and are ready to continue with the Knurr CoolTherm testing this week.  We are re-certifying the test space today to ensure all components (mechanical, electrical, compute systems, monitoring, and data reporting) are working as expected for a minimum of 6 hours (bake in period).  Provided all is working properly we will continue adjusting set points and begin gathering official test data for the CoolThe

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