Center Pulse collaboration session of 2012 in conjunction with the Green Grid Technical Forum

It's that time of year again, Data Center Pulse will be holding it's annual Collaboration Session in conjunction with The Green Grid's Technical Forum at the Double Tree Hotel in San Jose, CA.

Data Center Pulse will be going over the Data Center Top 10 and presenting the findings to The Green Grid. We will also discuss some or all the following topics:

A new metric for "Useful work" to measure the performance and efficiency of your IT systems

The Green Grid Project Mercury Case Study

Impact of Cloud Computing on your Data Center Planning & Strategy

Other: Topics to be determined by Data Center Pulse members

The session is open and free to Data Center Pulse Members. You can submit your request to participate by sending an email to

If you aren't a member, but qualify (your role has a primary and direct responsibility for your company's data center). You still have time to sign up through LinkedIn groups. ( Search Groups: Data Center Pulse).

We look forward to sharing ideas and concerns with you on the 5th.

More Information on The Green Grid Event:

The Green Grid Forum 2012: Come and watch the Sparks fly!

Data Center 2025; how to save $11M by monitoring PUE; new metrics!; productivity of data centers.

Data Center Pulse is meeting in the same location the day before. Members of DCP get a 10% discount off attendance, and if you're not a member of The Green Grid, you can "sneak in" by signing an NDA.

Come see the biggest event in business computing efficiency of the year! Mar 5 (DCP meeting), Mar 6-7 (The Green Grid Forum) for more info.