Keeping IT Relevant isn't about the Title of the CIO

Chief Information Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief whatever, no chief at all, it doesn't matter. What really matters is whether the person responsible for IT can bring IT opportunity to bear on the business effectively and quickly. I know, simple concept and it's been said a thousand different times, 10 thousand different ways, but I'm going to try one more time. "The appropriate expectations from the business combined with the appropriate philosophy in the IT organization is more important that the title of the man or woman in charge."

Turn Up The Heat!

Project Mercury is born...

Project Mercury


Today, we are pleased to announce that EDI, along with their partners AHA Consulting Engineers and Winterstreet Architects, have been selected as the winner of the Modular Data Center RFP - now dubbed as Project Mercury.

This has been an extremely interesting process for us with an unexpected result. EDI, a small company that we had never even heard of before, was able to meet all of the challenging requirements we had proposed to the industry through the Modular RFP process in a cost effective, simple design. In addition, a very compelling ultra dense product named "eHive" emerged from Skanska, one of the RFP finalists. It has not been released publicly yet (stay tuned for follow up). While Skanska was not selected for the RFP, their modular product was innovative enough to warrant further consideration in this data center deployment. All in all, the open RFP process did exactly what we had hoped. It enabled design engineers the opportunity to shed the traditional barriers, consider the difficult challenges and start with a clean slate. The outcome was new and compelling solutions as well as new innovative products driven by the free cooling, density and flexibility requirements.

Is Private Cloud Real or Just a Fantasy?

The argument on whether there is such a thing as "private cloud" just won't go away. Many of the big name SaaS and Public cloud players continue to publish content that poo-poo's the reality of Private Cloud.  I'm writing to suggest that the arguments against private cloud are in many cases wrong, and in some cases pure sales FUD (Fear Uncertainty & Doubt). However, before I go into my little diatribe, I want to make clear that just because I'm a private cloud believer, it doesn't mean I don't believe in "public cloud".

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