Enterprise Legacy Environment Cloud Adoption vs Netflix

Two blogs written recently one by @benkepes and the other by @jeffsussna covered the topic of cloud adoption strategies versus legacy and best case environments. In Ben's blog he talked about how Netflix is an outlier in the cloud space. That their applications and use characteristics don't match enterprise use cases and don't match the complicated verticals of infrastructure and applications in the typical enterprise data center.

The pain and risks of ignored IT infrastructure

Cancer, aches & pains, ticking time bombs, pick your term du jour, they all apply when IT solutions are ignored and left to grow roots. There are many reasons why IT solutions are left behind to grow roots, but in this blog I'm focusing on the process of integration after a corporate acquisition as the antagonist. 

Human behavior, resource allocation and or risk assumptions

Is building a data center more sustainable than building a soccer field?

I fully expect controversy will be created by this blog especially amongst some of my awesome friends in the Sustainability/Green space and I am not actually advocating putting away the cleats and buying a game console.

Is Private Cloud Real or Just a Fantasy?

The argument on whether there is such a thing as "private cloud" just won't go away. Many of the big name SaaS and Public cloud players continue to publish content that poo-poo's the reality of Private Cloud.  I'm writing to suggest that the arguments against private cloud are in many cases wrong, and in some cases pure sales FUD (Fear Uncertainty & Doubt). However, before I go into my little diatribe, I want to make clear that just because I'm a private cloud believer, it doesn't mean I don't believe in "public cloud".

A Major Geek Moment

In February of 2009 I had a very unique event happen.  It was by far, one of the geekiest things I had ever done. I was still working at Sun and we had rebuilt the Data Center POD concepts into Second Life. We had created a Data Center Island that allowed anyone to walk into this virtual world and watch how the data center can be transformed from traditional power and cooling to the new modular, highly efficient configuration with PODs.  They could also interact with the PODs to see how hardware fit and things could move around.  A virtual-physical data center. That was geeky enough, but try this on for size. Greg Papadopolous (Sun's CTO & controller of over $2B in R&D funds) joined me for a live webecast directly from Second Life to Industry Analysts. They had created avatars for both of us that made us look much younger, more dignified (and skinnier) than we really were.

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