Episode-32: Quicksilver Winner

On December 8, 2011 eBay announced that they have selected AHA Consulting Engineers and Winterstreet Architects to lead the Data Center design for project Quicksilver in Salt Lake City, Utah. The winning design team was selected through an extensive public RFP process that was hosted through Data Center Pulse. This new center will augment eBay's current Tier IV center, which was opened in 2010, with a modular Tier II building that will accommodate both white space for rack and roll as well as containers. The lessons learned in Project Mercury, which opens the same month, will make this eBay's most ambitious Data Center efficiency project to date. Multi-tier, modularity, extreme density, and free cooling year round, are some of the primary design drivers. Join Dean Nelson and Mike Lewis as they interview Mark Meche and Conleth O'Flynn from the winning design team. Watch for more project updates at http://datacenterpulse.org/rfp/modular/quicksilver