Episode-37: 2012 Summit Topic 2 - SEM

Dean Nelson, Richard Donaldson and Jeremy Rodriguez discuss the lively session around the new Service Efficiency Metric at the Data Center Pulse 2012 Summit held in San Jose, CA in conjunction with the Green Grid Technical Forum. The proposal, that is currently being reviewed internally with DCP members, is a framework that shows the actual MPG or work done in a data center. A DCP member company provided 1 years worth of actual data to fuel this forum dialog.The "all-up" metric concept sparked intense discussion and debate in one of the most interactive sessions yet. Peers from Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo!, Equinix, @Tokyo Power, Salesforce, Oracle and many others joined in the discussion about feasibility, application and public opinion of the metric during this 2 and 1/2 hour session. The metric proposal is slated to be released publicly this summer