Episode-38: DCP 2012 Top 10

On March 7, 2012 Dean Nelson presented the refreshed Data Center Pulse top 10 at the closing session of the Green Grid Technical Forum in San Jose, CA. The latest Top 10 was reviewed at the DCP summit held on March 5, 2012 in conjunction with the Green Grid. Attendees from eBay, Microsoft, Yahoo!, @Tokyo, Salesforce, Verne Global, Equinix, and many others discussed, debated and provided final steering for the list. Significant changes were made this year with more than half being modified or new. The presentation also went through the progression of the Top 10 list since its inception in February, 2009 at the very first DCP Summit. The 2012 top 10 includes - Facilities & IT Alignment, Top Level Efficiency Metric, Standardized Stack Framework, Move from Availability to Resiliency, Renewable Power Options, "Containers" vs Brick & Mortar, Hybrid Data Center Designs, Liquid Cooled IT Equipment Options, Free Cooling "Everywhere", and Converged Infrastructure Intelligence.